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We, a group of students of social and cultural anthropology and other departments, represented by the Student Organizing Committee (SOC), have been involved in the organization of CHAGS XI. We have coordinated our activities in a university course as well as in several informal sessions. Our aim is to make the conference an unforgettable experience.

Activities Team

Getting to know new people usually happens between or after sessions, but it leads to some of the most interesting conversations and best memories. In this spirit we offer a broader social activity program than is usual at academic conferences. You find the social program here.


The conference organizers decided to do the coffee breaks in an alternative way. The beverages and snacks at CHAGS will be offered as an organic, sustainable, regional buffet.We get our coffee from an organic coffee cooperative, which campaigns for fair trade and supports self-sustaining micro-farming structures in Mexico. Regional organic farmers supply us with milk products. Bread, vegetables, and fruits that would otherwise go to waste are gathered from stores and markets. By doing so we are trying to make a statement against the excessive waste of food.

Another feature of our coffee breaks is the absence of meat and use of recyclable and ecological materials wherever possible. To be transparent for the participants of the conference and to bring an alternative way of diet closer to them, we welcome everybody who is interested to come visit us in our open kitchen, where we will answer any questions about the organization and our products. With this way of doing coffee breaks, we hope to please our international guests and contribute to a successful conference!

Stuff Team

We are concerned with the stuff and materials used for the conference, from conference bags to shirts for the team. Our main focus is sustainability. Creative ideas and the development of new concepts are part of our work, as we want to show that a "green" conference concept is possible. Regionality, fair working conditions and organic production are central in choosing the consumer goods used for the conference.

Press Group

This task group is responsible for external communication, such as international advertising, sponsorship, and media relations. We also keep the public informed about the current situation by posting interesting news on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

CHAGS XI on Facebook
CHAGS XI on Twitter

Program Group

We will give you all the information you need during your stay in Vienna and your participation at the conference. We worked with an environmentally friendly copy shop to print the program with non-toxic colors on recycled paper.

Corporate Identity Group

The corporate identity group coordinates the visual and textual outputs of the different working groups to ensure that CHAGS 11 has a coherent and recognizable appearance. This includes posters, flyers, the program, the press releases, etc.

Recruiting Group

No conference is possible without hard work from young students. Our group is responsible for finding those inspired people and coordinating their work schedule. Together we strive to make CHAGS 11 an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Homestay Team

The Student Organizing Committee offers homestays to those who do not wish to spend too much money on accommodation or want to get in contact with locals and students from the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology. The offer is primarily, but not exclusively, for undergraduate and graduate students, pre-/post-doctoral researchers, and early faculty members.

Room Group

The campus of the University of Vienna has many different rooms, with different types of equipment. Our task is to provide you with all the infrastructure you need for your session. During every session one student will be present for immediate help with any given task. We will contact the session organizers before the conference to get information on the needs of every session.


  • World Museum Vienna
  • Institute for Social Anthropology, Austrian Academy of Sciences
  • Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Vienna
  • Anthropological Society Vienna
  • University of Vienna
  • International Society for Hunter Gatherer Research (ISHGR)
  • Österreichische Akademie der Wissenschaften


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