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Recent Changes to Printed Program

Dear colleagues, 

The printed program is finalized. As changes are still made we list them here for your better overview - sorted by session:

Movie nights

"Kalahari Struggle" is moved from Wednesday slot 10 to Friday slot 18

Wednesday slot 10 new movie: "Children of the Kalahari"

8. Thriving Future: community based research and planning
room: Aula Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 | Slot 9, 15:30 - 17:00 | Slot 10, 17:15 - 18:45

new order of talks: 

  1. Harwood - Place Based Approach to Regional Planning in remote areas
  2. Zips - The Ambiguous Art of Ethnotainment  Living Museums and Cultural Villages in Namibia
  3. Weichart - Communities without a future?  A future without communities?
  4. Persoon - The changing futures of the Orang Rimba (Jambi, Indonesia)
  5. Parlee - Lessons from Community-Based Research for Wildlife Management in Northern Canada

13. Contemporary Issues among Hunter-Fishers across the North Pacific

6 - Herring Wars of the 21st Century: Indigenous Hunter-Fishers versus Neoliberal Maximum Yield Regimes
Author(s): Thornton, Thomas (University of Oxford- Environmental Change Institute, Oxford, Un. Kingdom / Ver Königr.)

--> A Geography of Respect:  Cultural and Cosmological Factors in Huna Tlingit Responses to Cruise Ship Tourism in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Deur, Doug and Thornton, Thomas F. Thornton


Animistic subversions versus assimilation politics in Alaska and Kamchatka
Martin, Nastassja (Fyssen fondation, La Grave, France); Stepanof, Charles (EPHE, Paris, France)

15. InuitStudies today: New Approaches to old Issues

CANCELLATION (double entry)- 4- The sea ice as a site for multiple economies in Qaanaaq

Author(s): Andersen, Astrid (University of Copenhagen, København K, Denmark / Dänemark); FLora, Janne (University of Copenhagen, København K, Denmark / Dänemark)

18. Hunter-Gatheres' Metaphysics - does it exist?

Order of talks:

  1. Stephen Landon
  2. Signe Howell
  3. Ute Eichelkamp
  4. Nurit. Bird-David

In pursuit of the firefly: The poetics and politics of "lightscape" in the Jarawa forests.
Author(s): Pandya, Vishvajit (DA-IICT, Gandhinagar, India / Indien)

22. Theories from the Field? Siberian Ethnography of Hunter-Gatherers and Anthropological Theory - ROUND TABLE

This session will be held as round table:

CANCELLATION:The field work of Varvara Kuznetsova: a case of participant observation in Soviet ethnography
Author(s): Davydova, Elena (Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, Russian Academy of Sciences, Saint-Petersbourg, Russian Fed. / Rus Föd.)

27. Oral Tradition, Sociolinguistics, Language Contact in Hunting and Gathering societies. An Ethnol


Paulin, Pascale

Title: The Baka language in Gabon: who uses it and for what

28. Hunter-Gatherer Languages in Contact


Wnuk, Ewelina - Cancellation

new speaker: Lee J. Pratchett (Humboldt University Berlin)
Title: Noun categorisation in Ju|’hoan: an unexpected window into language and cultural change in the Kalahari.

34. Relationships of no small significance: Invisibility, animals, and the Domus.

How reindeer domesticated man the hunter? The role of animal will and behavior in the "Reindeer Revolution" of Eurasian Arctic
Stépanoff, Charles (Ecole pratique des hautes études, Paris, France)

36. Hunter-gatherer ecologies: Paths forward

NEW SLOT: Slot 16 | room: Alte Kapelle

41. Subsistence Practices and the Ways of their Transmission to Future Generations.

Stone, Shell, Scale: Heiltsuk Material Practices and the Making of Places and History on the Central Coast of British Columbia
Darcy Matthews

42. Aboriginal Whaling and Identity in the Twenty-First Century

confirmed order of talks:

  1. Determinants of reproductive success in Batek hunter-gatherers in Peninsular Malaysia
  2. Hunter-gatherer community composition; who lives with whom, and why?
  3. Healthy hunters or unhealthy farmers? The behavioural ecology of health and transition in an extant foraging group
  4. Cooperation in Hunter-Gatherers: The Role of Experimental Games in Understanding Hunter-Gatherer Prosociality
  5. Mbendjele food sharing and the transition to delayed return subsitence
  6. (eginning of 2nd slot) - Gatherer-hunters; Hadza Men's self-provisioning on walkabout
  7. Sharing is not caring: The evolution of demand sharing through an agent-based model of tolerated theft
  8. Sexual division of labour and differential cooperative tasks in hunter-gatherers: a study on social simulation
  9. Modelling social norms on food sharing in forager societies
  10. Hunting Megafauna and the Emergence of Social Niche Specialization: What does it take to Kill a Mammoth?
  11. (beginning of 3rd slot) - Linking individual foraging and residential mobility: models and data from southeast Asian tropical rainforest foragers
  12. Hunting with dogs in a Maya-Mopan Village (Southern Belize): are the hunting movements of dogs and humans coordinated?

44. Food (in-)security in times of changing land and ways of life
room SR1, Wednesday, September 9th, 2015 | Slot 7, 11:00 - 12:30 | Slot 8, 13:30 - 15:00

new order of talks:

  1. Sackl, Anita
  2. Weichart, Gabriele
  3. Remis, Melissa; Robinson, Carolyn
  4. Montesi, Laura


  5. Margu Wardani, Ekoningtyas
  6. Natcher, David; Jeans, Tobi; Kassi, Norma
  7. Dresscher, Sarah-Jane
  8. Kassi, Norma

48. Extractive Industries: impacts, benefits and participation of local communities

CANCELLATION:The resource curse and resilience patterns of indigenous groups of South Siberia (Russia) Author(s): Funk, Dmitri (Moscow State University, Moscow, Russian Fed. / Rus Föd.)

50. Women's roles in contemporary hunting and gathering societies

confirmed order:

1 - Dingo: In the Shadow of Woman, Author(s): Balme, Jane (University of Western Australia, Crawley, Australia / Australien); O'Connor, Susan (Australian National University, Canberra, Australia / Australien)

2 - Use of Medicinal Plants and Transmission of the Knowledge by an Elderly Baka woman in Cameroon, Author(s): HATTORI, Shiho (Tenri University, Tenri, Japan)

3 - Cultural Interaction of Women in Field Encounters - presented by Polak Charlotte, Isabel Winter, Author(s): Polak, Charlotte (S.A.C.S , Berlin, Germany / Deutschland); Winter, Isabel Elisabeth (Humboldt Univerität, Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)

4 - The Yezidi gatherer woman's role in the community and outside of it (Armenia), Author(s): Hovsepyan, Roman (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Yerevan, Armenia / Armenien); Melkumyan, Hamlet (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Yerevan, Armenia / Armenien); Stepanyan-Gandilyan, Nina (Institute of Botany, Yerevan, Armenia / Armenien); Harutyunyan, Lili (Institute of Archaeology and Ethnography, Yerevan, Armenia / Armenien)

51. Contributed Papers in Hunter-Gatherer Studies - 3rd slot cancelled!

new order:

1 -  Windhager, Sonja (Department für Anthropologie, Austria / Österreich); Atzwanger, Klaus; Schaefer, Katrin (Department of Anthropology, University of Vienna, Wien, Austria / Österreich)

2 - Mirante, Edith (Project Maje, USA)

3 - Filchenko, Andrey (Tomsk State Pedagogical University, Tomsk, Russian Fed. / Rus Föd.)

4 -  Hosoya, Leo Aoi (Ochanomizu University, Tokyo, Japan); Nakamura, Oki (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto, Japan); Seguchi, Shinji (Shiga Prefectural Association, Shiga, Japan); Shibutani, Ayako (National Museum of Japanese History, Chiba, Japan)

5 (beginning of 2nd slot) Ivanov, Alexey (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow, Russian Fed. / Rus Föd.)

6 - Prasetijo, Adi (ICSD & KKI WARSI, Jakarta, Indonesia / Indonesien)

- Lukas, Helmut (Institut für Kultur- und Sozialanthropologie, , Austria / Österreich); Chindaritha, Pacchira (Thailand)

8 - Groh, Arnold (Structural Analysis of Cultural Systems, Berlin, Germany / Deutschland)

9 - Désveaux, Emmanuel (Ecole des hautes d'études en sciences sociales (EHESS), Paris, France / Frankreich)

***CANCELLED*** Lewis, Ingrid (Projet Bwanga, London, Un. Kingdom / Ver Königr.)

***CANCELLED***  Modern Lessons in Reinterpreting, Reappropriating and Understanding Hunter Gatherer Studies
Author(s): Smith, Larissa (University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, Illinois, USA)


CANCELLATION:Recognition and citizenship of the Pygmies of the rainforest of Cameroon Author(s): Patrice, BIGOMBE LOGO (GRAPS/University of Yaounde II, Yaounde, Cameroon / Kamerun) 


Important notice: due to a mistake the slot number started with 5. This is now changed and the schedule is devided into 20 slots (1-20). Slot numbers below refer to the "new" numbers.

session nrtype of changeold valuenew valuedate of change
ISHGR General meetingNew--slot 19August 24th
Plenary Ipart 2: new nameHunter-gatherers and Human Nature Research: Discussion and Debate (A Continuation of Plenary 1)June 28th
2timeslot 7/8slot 9/10June 22nd
4timeslot 7/8slot 7June 22nd
6timeslot 9/10slot 7/8July 7th
10timeslot 2slot 4July 21st
11timeslot 4/5slot 4August 24th
13timeslot 9/10slot 7/8June 22nd
14timeslot 3/4/5slot 2/3/4/5July 21st
15timslot 18/19slot 17/18August 24th
16timeslot 12/13/14slot 12/13August 20th
18time/dateslot 2slot 10June 25th
18timeslot 10slot 8July 22nd
21timeslot 18/19slot 16/17June 17th
25cancelledslot 8cancelledJuly 13th
25timeslot 10slot 8June 25th
27timeslot 18/19slot 17/18August 24th
27timeslot 16/17slot 18/19June 17th
28timeslot 16/17slot 17/18August 24th
30timeslot 2/3/4slot 2/3July 9th
34timeslot 16/17slot 17/18
35time/dateslot 18/19slot 2/3July 3rd
36timeslot 16slot 18August 24th
38timeslot 12/13slot 12July 14th
43timeslot 7/8slot 9/10
44time / dateslot 18/19slot 7/8 (Wednesday)August 24th
44time/dateslot 2/3slot 18/19July 3rd
45timeslot 16/17slot 17/18August 24th
48timeslot 17/18/19slot 16/17/18August 24th
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